Workday at NEIU

In Spring 2022, the University announced the commencement of a campus-wide transformational project and our partnership with Workday, a cloud-based integrated system.  When the University implements Workday, later this Academic year, our human resources and payroll processes will be digitized, streamlined, and more efficient.  You will have access to personal data, visibility into the status of processes, and greater transparency of our organizational structures.     

The Workday Project team has been working diligently over the past several months to document our current paper-based processes, compile necessary data, and support the configuration of the Workday system to improve our processes and enhance the end-user experience – your experience.     

We know that communication is critical always and especially when a large-scale change effort, like this, is underway.  We encourage you to check this website for up to date information! There are job aids, on-demand training videos, and other useful resources. If you have additional questions, please contact the project team at

Project Vision

Northeastern Illinois University’s Workday HR and Payroll project will focus on providing an efficient and simplified user experience with maximum accessibility to support transparent data, processes, and reporting to support a diverse university.

Guiding Principles

Be creative, consistent, and embrace change driven by HR best practices Configure for the rule rather than the exception Embrace efficiency and self-service