Workday Project Update (March 29, 2023)

Hello NEIU Colleagues,


“Workday” is a term you’ve likely heard around campus over the past few months, but what is it, exactly, and how will it help us achieve our mission of transforming students’ lives at NEIU?

Workday is a platform that will centralize, simplify, and digitize HR functions and other basic processes to bring us past paper, freeing up much needed energy and attention to the main mission. More than small businesses or corporations, academic institutions are extraordinarily people-centered; the more time personnel can spend on tasks with colleagues and students, the more successful we will be. According to an important audit some years ago, NEIU spends too much time, energy and attention processing employment related paperwork taking away time we should be spending on the mission of serving students.



We know that with any large-scale change effort, communication is critical.  Each week, we will provide a Workday Project Update highlighting at least one major benefit Workday will provide us, a new term that we need to become familiar with, or important dates or events coming up.

Workday Project Update

Workday Website Launch!

This website will be your “go-to” resource for project information, training details, and other useful resources. Please visit the website today and bookmark it until Workday becomes second-nature.

Training Plan and Schedule

Training begins on Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Training for campus users will begin on April 5th.  Virtual sessions and classroom-based sessions will be offered as we transition the HR and payroll functionality to Workday.  We encourage everyone to attend virtual training sessions as these will cover the Workday functionality all campus users need to understand.  By contrast, classroom-based sessions have targeted audiences based on the tasks and process covered (e.g., hiring a new employee, submitting a faculty assignment).  To be successful in our transition, we all need to engage in this effort right from the start.  To be ready for our anticipated go-live date of April 13th we encourage you to visit the Workday NEIU website for the training schedule and registration information as soon as training becomes available.

If you have any questions about the transition to Workday, please email us at  We have a basic FAQ posted on the  website and will use the questions we receive to enhance the FAQ.  

Thank you