Welcome to Workday!

Welcome to Workday Golden Eagles!

We are happy to announce the launch of Workday, which replaces the Banner Human Resource and Payroll system at Northeastern.  We will continue to use Banner for other administrative functions, such as Budget Queries and Student, but Workday will replace and streamline many frequently used paper processes such as Time and Leave Reporting for all employees, Change in Status forms, Annual Review Forms, applications for employment, and much more. The mobile-friendly Workday platform provides employees the ability to complete many HR processes from anywhere with 24/7 access.

Day 1 Checklist

To help employees get acquainted with Workday we have created a Day 1 Checklist. The Day 1 Checklist will help users review and confirm personal and professional information and will ensure everyone is acquainted with the procedure for Time Reporting on our new system.  

Our published guides and training will make things much easier, but even after training, trying things out “live” is the best way for us all to make our transition to Workday a success.

We have taken steps to ensure data accuracy, but as is the case with any new system, after having moved millions of pieces of new and historical data, we expect adjustments will need to be made. If you discover inaccuracies in your profile or have trouble with functions even after viewing our detailed pdf instructions for basic processes, please submit your requests or questions to helpdesk@neiu.edu. We will review all requests in a timely manner, make any necessary updates, and let you know the resolution within two business days.

Accessing Workday

From a desktop or laptop computer, employees can access Workday via NEIUport, online at workday.neiu.edu or by clicking this link: https://www.myworkday.com/neiu/login.htmld. Employees will use the same NEIU login they use for other applications (NEIUport, etc). We strongly recommend all employees bookmark the Workday login page for easy access.

Workday Mobile Application

Employees also have the option to download the Workday mobile app for their Apple or Android device.

Instructions on how to download and navigate the NEIU Workday app can be found here.

The project team will continue to offer structured training sessions (virtual and classroom-based). During this crucial first week, the project team is also offering “Just in Time” support to provide immediate access to employees with questions. Below are the details for the structured training sessions and “Just In Time” support.

Training Opportunities

Classroom-Based Training for Managers, Chairs and their designees starts on April 24 – Register today!
Workday Basics Virtual Training for all employees starts on May 1 – Calendar invite sent to all!
“Just in Time” Support – We are here to help!

Virtual support is available on Monday, April 17 & Tuesday, April 18 from 9am to 4pm - (zoom link
In-Person support is available on Monday April 17 & Tuesday, April 18 from 10am to 12pm & 1pm to 6pm in Room SU217 (on the second floor of the student union). No appointment is necessary.

Workday@NEIU Website

Many useful resources, training guides, and training videos for a wide array of processes are also available online on the Workday website. We encourage all employees to visit (and bookmark) workday.neiu.edu.

Posted on behalf of Abby Murray, Execeutive Director of Human Resources 4/17/23 by David Rubin