What to expect from your first paycheck in Workday

Over the last year, NEIU HR and our Payroll Department have worked together to run multiple comprehensive comparisons of payroll in both the Workday and Banner systems, and have identified several key changes that employees should be aware of before they receive their first check in Workday.

Here’s what you need to know before your first paycheck in Workday arrives on May 12, 2023:

Things that will remain the same:

  • Paydays will remain the same. Therefore, you can expect no change to the dates you’re paid.
  • The first payday processed in Workday will be paid on May 12, 2023 unless your bank of choice offers an early pay.
  • Your Payment Elections (Direct Deposit, paper check) and Withholding Election (IRS W4 Form) will remain the same and have been converted to Workday from Banner.
  • It is recommended that employees review their online payslips on May 12, 2023 and contact payrollfeedback@neiu.edu if there are any questions.

Employees may make changes to their Payment and Tax Elections at any time in Workday.

Things that will change:

  • The check layout for those receiving paper checks looks different.
  • Payslip View:
    • Payslips (Earning Statement) will only be available in Workday from May 12, 2023 onwards.
    • Payslips will be viewable online 1 day before payday compared to 1, 2 or same day in Banner.
    • Tax elections and payment elections (your bank) can be changed in Workday.
  • Rounding Differences:
    • Workday always rounds up by .01, whereas Banner rounded up or down based on the value of the partial penny.

Tax Differences:

  • Workday is updated regularly with federal, state and local tax IRS rules and it provides an up-to-date deduction.  You may notice some differences in your state tax withholding amount. We verified these differences and calculated that the amount being deducted is correct.
  • If employees notice a difference in their pay not explained above, please contact payrollfeedback@neiu.edu.

Payroll History 2023:

  • The Payroll team is working on bringing your historical 2023 payroll information from Banner into Workday. Your Year-to-Date totals on your payslip will be reflected correctly after we have completed the migration and verified the accuracy.

Time Off Accruals:

HR is in the process of loading time off accruals (e.g. vacation, sick, etc.) from Banner to Workday to ensure that any time taken off and logged in Banner is accounted for in Workday. We anticipate that these accruals will be final by no later than May 19, 2023.

We hope that you are enjoying the increased visibility and ease of use. For more updates about payroll and Workday, visit https://workday.neiu.edu/.