Workday Adoption Project Update Volume 1

Hello NEIU Colleagues,

As part of the continuous improvement plan for our Workday Adoption Project, a weekly announcement will be provided to the campus each Wednesday. Two goals of the weekly communication are to provide updates to the campus community and to serve as a way to better engage and build knowledge and trust with stakeholders by highlighting the action items in place to improve the user experience and the system’s processes.

The campus's priority remains ensuring that every colleague's payroll is accurate.  While we work on resolving the few remaining payroll concerns, we are also addressing other business process configurations and security corrections. 


Each week, the campus community will be provided with an update on action items outlined in the Workday Adoption Project.   This week’s update is related to additional job aides that are in development to support some of the most critical processes reported by end-users during the Listening Sessions.

Three new job aides have been drafted and are being tested by faculty and staff before release. We anticipate that the job aides will be approved and posted at by Friday, October 13.  These job aides include:

  1. How to see where a submission is by looking at the Business process. 

  2. How to move an Adjunct to an Instructor.

  3. How to Increase or Decrease an FTE  and determine the weekly hours calculation.


In addition to the weekly targeted announcement, we are planning stakeholder engagement events, including Shared Governance updates, Administration Team meetings, Testing Opportunities, Training, and Open Labs. The details for these events will be included in the targeted announcements and posted online at the website. We encourage all campus users to get and stay engaged.


Training Aids, Videos, and Documentation are available on the Workday@NEIU Website


Submit a helpdesk ticket to, and a team member will follow up with you within two business days.