Workday Adoption Project Update Volume 3

Hello NEIU Colleagues, 

As we near the end of October, we want to take a moment to reflect on the participation, support, and collaboration of colleagues throughout the University as we continue to review and improve our Workday processes and user experience. Thank you for getting and staying engaged!

Provided below are a few project updates.  If you see something you are interested in learning more about, please contact us or a member of the Cross-functional Working Group. 


Over the past several weeks, Human Resources has conducted Workday support sessions with the following departments to assist with organizational chart changes, opening new positions, and changing an employee’s position (promotions, terminations):

  • Accounting, Business Law, and Finance

  • Budgets

  • College Arts and Sciences

  • College of Business and Technology

  • College of Education

  • Controller's Office

  • Facilities Management

  • Graduate College

  • Social Work Department

  • Sociology

  • Student Employment

Academic Affairs continues to meet one-on-one with department staff and Chairs to address specific Workday inquiries. 


UTS continues to have ongoing integration meetings multiple times a week with various areas of the university, as those areas identify additional needs for optimization & efficiency through integration automation.

Similar to Human Resources, UTS has conducted Workday support sessions for various departments.  For example,

  • UTS aided & assisted the Controller's Office with eight streamlined business validation processes that are now tested and completed.

  • UTS also worked closely with the Budget Office to streamline & automate a Budget Composite Report generation that is now completed and moved to production.

UTS Continues to work to improve and expedite manually intensive processes through the ongoing development of integrations as the need is identified.


Starting in November, we would like to feature a different user story each week in the Workday update.  Share your Workday story so that the campus can continue to learn from each other as we optimize how we use Workday to support our processes. 

Submit your stories by completing this short Google Form


Training Aids, Videos, and Documentation are available on the Workday@NEIU Website


Submit a helpdesk ticket to, and a team member will follow up with you within two business days.