Workday Adoption Project Update Volume 6

Hello NEIU Colleagues, 

The optimization of our Workday environment continues and your participation is critical.  In the words of Jerry Maguire, Help Me (Us) Help You! In addition to the corrective action the teams from Academic Affairs, HR, and UTS are leading, we want to identify efficiencies and enhancements based on your experience. 

When you submit your feedback or your Workday story, please be specific with what you are seeing/not seeing, what you are experiencing and how it can be streamlined.  The Workday environment is our system and one of the major benefits of Workday is the ability to continuously review and update configuration to meet our evolving needs. 

Shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday, Avaap colleagues will be on campus to support the HR team with the system updates needed to address the priority payroll items.  We will keep you posted about these changes and will provide an update in a future Workday Wednesday communication.


Academic Affairs, faculty leadership, and HR collaborated on three new job aids that will be released shortly. Be on the lookout for updated resources at related to -

  • Making FTE Changes

  • Place Workers on Leave if NOT teaching

  • Moving an adjunct to an instructor

  • Spring 2024 Instructor 4.5 Month Contract Submission

Additionally, Academic Affairs and HR are hosting targeted training sessions for the Deans and team members from CBT, GCOE, and CAS.


As of Tuesday, 11/14, 166 tickets have been resolved and 16 are still active and being reviewed.  In a future weekly communication, the breakdown of the ticket responses will be shared. 

UTS has reviewed and resolved the issue related to the integration with the T2 parking system.  Employees can now review their information and make necessary updates and payments at:


For questions or additional assistance, please contact:


Phone: 773-442.4357 (Option 3)


Starting next week. pay-slips will now be available for viewing by close of business on the Monday before your payroll date. This increased visibility allows you to plan ahead and review your upcoming paycheck. The date your funds will be available remains as posted on our website here.


The Workday Suggestion Box is a way for the campus community to provide feedback related to their experience or enhancements they would like to see in the Workday system.  Here is the link to the digital  “Suggestion Box.” 

A few things to note:

  • The “Suggestion Box” is not a place to seek help or support.  Colleagues still need to submit a ticket to the Support Desk (UTS) -

  • The “Suggestion Box” is also not a place to share your Workday tips/tricks.  We ask that you still use the Google Form link for those types of stories. 


Thanks to those colleagues who have already submitted an entry to the “Share Your Story” request.  We encourage colleagues to share your Workday story so that the campus can continue to learn from each other as we optimize how we use Workday to support our processes. 

Submit your stories by completing this short Google Form


Training Aids, Videos, and Documentation are available on the Workday@NEIU Website


Submit a helpdesk ticket to, and a team member will follow up with you.