Workday Adoption Project Update Volume 11

Hello NEIU Colleagues, 

Happy New Year! As we begin a new year and prepare for the spring term, we would like to revisit our Workday Priorities and provide a quick update on the status of these items. We also want to highlight a few Workday tips and reminders.

Workday Priorities and Status Updates

NEW! We have updated the training section on In order to support employees in making corrections to their submitted absences, we have provided two helpful job aids.

The first job aid outlines the steps for employees to follow to correct their submitted absences. The second job aid is designed for managers, providing guidance on how they can make corrections to their subordinates' submitted hours.

You can find both job aids by visiting the following links on our website:

As a reminder, all job aides may be found at

The default in Workday for all tax forms is "electronic." For instructions on how to view and print your tax documents, please click here

Workday Helpful Quick Tips and Reminders!

As you continue your preparations for Spring, below are a few helpful tips and reminders for your work in Workday:


  • Before you begin to hire an Adjunct, are they already active in Workday as an employee? If a non-faculty employee is teaching a course, you need to Add a Secondary Adjunct position to their active record. When that position is approved, you create the Period Activity Pay on that second position.

  • Please remember to have instructors sign any new or revised Form Ds

  • Please remember to attach Form Ds or Work Plans to business processes

  • Please remember to fill period activity pay information in matrices.

Important Dates for Winter Session and Spring Term

We wanted to share some important dates to keep in mind for entering Spring contracts. Dates need to be correct for Instructors and adjuncts to be paid properly.

The effective spring start date is 12/24/2023, and the end date is 5/11/2024.

Workday Wednesday Communications - Archived Editions

Miss last week’s Workday communication? Want to look back on information previously shared?  You can now access the archived Workday Wednesday communications online. We have consolidated all previous editions here.


The Workday Suggestion Box is a way for the campus community to provide feedback related to their experience or enhancements they would like to see in the Workday system.  Here is the link to the digital  “Suggestion Box.” 

A few things to note:

  • The “Suggestion Box” is not a place to seek help or support.  Colleagues still need to submit a ticket to the Support Desk (UTS) -

  • The “Suggestion Box” is also not a place to share your Workday tips/tricks.  We ask that you still use the Google Form link for those types of stories. 


What training is available now? There are 4 options:

  • On-demand courses are courses that provide information about Workday and how to complete key tasks. These courses include recordings and are available at

  • Job aids are simple, clear instructions on how to initiate a task. The most up-to-date job aids are available anytime for all users at

  • Individual support through Academic Affairs, HR, and UTS continues to be offered. Call us and let us know how we can help!

  • New hire orientation


Submit a helpdesk ticket to, and a team member will follow up with you.